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KERSY wetsuit - your Koufonisia fashion statement for water fun

Hey KERSY GIRLS! Find out everything about the KERSY wetsuit here – an eye-catcher and the heart of our Koufonisia collection. This Bond Girl-inspired neo suit embodies the authentic Koufonisia feel and brings the magic of the island to every aquatic adventure. Wetsuit for wonderwomen and wave goddesses.

Here are the reasons why the KERSY wetsuit is a style statement - and also shines in terms of technology and functionality:


KOUFONISIA vibes to wear:

Discover the Greek Grace of our Beach & Lounge Wear for the sunny side of life.


Technical masterpiece:

  • Three-layer Neo-Suit: For optimal insulation and flexibility when surfing and swimming.
  • Golden Shimmer Shell: A touch of glamor with a slight gold sheen that catches the sun.
  • Feminine, figure-skimming cut: emphasizes your natural beauty.
  • Maritime color concept: The wetsuit breathes Olympus and olive grove, salt and sun, sea and waves.


Functional and comfortable:

  • Chlorine and salt water resistant: Stay stylish, even after intensive contact with the sea.
  • UV protection: Enjoy your time in the water without worry and protect your skin from harmful sun rays.
  • Kite Surf Approved: Developed for water sports enthusiasts – style and performance without compromise.
  • Extended time in the water: The KERSY wetsuit keeps you warm longer so you can enjoy your time in the water even more.
  • Nice layer of protection: Additional protection against potential injuries in the water.


Technical details:

  • Water temperature range: Keeps you pleasantly warm up to temperatures of 18-20°C.
  • Material: 2mm neoprene, bonded with a special shimmer glitter material. Exclusive “Champagne” color for KERSY.
  • Sustainability: 100% SBR, bonded with 87% recycled polyester and 13% spandex - quality and environmental protection combined.
  • Wearing comfort: slightly softened on the inside for a comfortable fit.


The KERSY wetsuit is a unique combination of fashion and function. Processing technology and material mix at competitive sports level - lightness and La Vie Est Belle in the posture rating.


Stay salty,
Your KERSY team

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